Roofing Maintenance Tips

How to lengthen the lifespan of your roof

After finding a quality roofing service to install your roof, roofing maintenance is the other crucial element you should consider. It will certainly help ensure a sturdy, long lasting roof. There are a few roofing maintenance tips all property owners should keep in mind.

a picture of a residential tile roof.Inspect your roof on a regular basis. At least once a year, take the time to check your roof. Climb up on a ladder so you can take a good look at the entire roof. Be careful not to step on tiles that could break under your weight, such as concrete and clay. It is essential to be visually familiar with your roof. Thus, when something that shouldn’t be there appears, such as a pile of leaves, a wet spot or crack, you’ll spot it immediately.

Look for tree limbs near your roof. The branches that were five feet away from your roof just a year or two ago can be nearly touching your roof today. For your safety, have a professional trim any branches that are too close to your roof. This is necessary because during a storm, the branches can be blown back and forth violently. This event can cause substantial damage to the insulation that protects a flat roof, as well as to roof tiles and shingles.

Look for discolored or dark streaks. This usually indicates that algae, mold or fungus have taken root in between or underneath shingles or tiles. Wet conditions that turn into algae, fungus, or mold can eat through a number of roof types, rotting away the wood beneath. Remember, that the sooner you identify any issues with fungus or mold, the simpler and quicker will be the repair.

Look for upturned, brittle or cracked tiles or shingles. Harsh sun conditions can inflict severe damage on roof tiles and shingles over time. Regular roof check ups should be performed carefully to look for the beginnings of tile or shingle decay. A professional roofing service is your best option if you want to keep your roof in mint condition.

Use a hose when inspecting a flat roof. The regular roofing maintenance for flat roofs is similar. You should look for areas where the roof’s protection coating may have cracked or where trash, limbs and leaves have collected. Run a hose to clean off leaves and dirt from the roof. Are there areas where water ponds? Significant ponding can be a problem. After rain storms always check your roof. If large areas covered with water are still present after other parts of your roof have drained, contact your roofer.

Make sure to follow these simple tips and you will enjoy a good looking and sturdy roof!