What is causing my roofing problems? Top 5 reasons for calling a specialist

Roof service tips for the most common reasons for repairs

Some roofs are more prone to breaking down, while others stay strong and sturdy for many years. What makes the difference? Is it the competence of your roofing contractor, the materials, the maintenance, or is it the location?

a building with grey metal roofActually all of those matter. Even the way your home is positioned matters! Roofs are subjected to constant environmental influences – winds, storms, rain, hail, scorching sun, various temperatures and humidity levels. All of that is bound to have an effect on your building, the question is how much of an effect it will be. We wrote this article to better explain the dangers for your roof, so that you are prepared for the future.

  1. Poor maintenance is possibly the most common reason to look for a reliable roof service. If you install a roof and leave it untended, it will start to break down. Most home owners don’t know the symptoms of a failing roof and don’t realize they need a roofing contractor until it’s too late.
  2. Number two, of course, is the weather. It’s a constant threat to every roof and given enough time, it is bound to wreck even the strongest roofing materials. Organic materials are usually less resistant to weather changes and more vulnerable to mildew, rot and decay.
  3. Wind is another issue. We look at it separately from the rest of the weather changes, because they involve high levels of moisture and temperature variations, whereas wind causes mechanical damage. It can literally rip out entire rows of shingles. First it loosens them, popping their nails little by little. Then it just blows them away and leaves you to deal with the leaks that follow.
  4. Mistakes in the design of a roof are not uncommon. A flawed design, or an installation error can lead to many problems, and unfortunately, some of them can be severe. It can lead to sagging in the roof structure and ponding water, which in turn can cause a lot of damage to the materials.
  5. Natural disasters are also a valid reason for calling a roofing contractor. Luckily, such events are quite rare and can be prevented with proper maintenance.

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